Charlie Farley to headline Gilley's Saturday

Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

"I love performing. Period."

These are the words of Arkansas singer Charlie Farley, a mixed-genre artist set to perform Jan. 28 at the Choctaw Casino and Resort in Pocola.

The performance, for those ages 21 and up, begins at 10 p.m. at Gilley's. Farley has two albums to his name — "Hog Heaven" released in 2014 and "All I've Been Through," which premiered last April. His newest album is "The Bonfire Sessions."

"It's raw, it's real. People loved it," said Farley when discussing the reaction he's received so far. In December, the band released three songs off the new album, and planned to release three more in January.

Farley said a major influence for the album was Facebook Live, a live video streaming tool on the social media platform where he and band members — Josh O'Neal on drums, Jesse Charette on rhythm guitar/vocals and DJ Cannon Banyon — sang live for FB users. The album was recorded in October.

"People are really enjoying it. Its a different feel because it's so raw," he said. By raw, he means down to the bare bones — songs stripped to acoustic renditions similar to singing out in a pasture by a bonfire.

Farley calls home DeQueen, a small Arkansas town about two hours southeast of Poteau.

"Honestly, I love performing this close to home cause I know there's gonna be a lot of people," he said. 'It's gonna be a show you're not gonna want to miss cause you're not gonna forget it."

If there's any way to describe Farley's music style, he'd say it's "different."

It's a mixture of "everything I listened to growing up," he said. "A blend of all different types of music." The show itself will be high energy, he said.

"I'm really laid back normally, as far as sit down and talk to me. But I turn into a different guy when I get on a stage. The fans really enjoy it."

His roots in music go back far, he said.

"It all started with me writing poetry as a kid. I never had intentions on becoming a musician."

Years later, he said, poetry turned into songs, which led into studio recording and later performances, in what he called a "snowball effect."

He said his most memorable performance was in Kentucky, where he received his first encore.

"It was just insane, thinking I was through," he said. "They're screaming, 'Encore! Encore!' [My manager] said, 'You better get your butt back on stage.' It was my first encore I got. It stands out the most."

Besides music, Farley is a champion angler set to be part of the Walmart FLW/Walmart BFL this season, and his music has been featured on NBC's "Exposed: Pros On Your" fishing show.

You can stream his music on Pandora, YouTube, Spotify and other online streaming services.

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