Fake bills spotted in Haskell County

Pictured: The fake bills provided by the Haskell County Sheriff's Department Facebook page.
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

Two bordering-county law enforcement agencies on Tuesday seized $5,920 worth of counterfeit money and are warning citizens to be cautious of fake currency.

Although LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale said he is unaware of any counterfeit bill issues ongoing in our county, he said if you suspect your bills are fake, take them to your local police department or the Sheriff's Office to check.

Haskell County Sheriff Tim Turner reported the fake currency discovered in their area came about from a joint investigation between his department and Stigler police.

"The Haskell County Sheriff's Department is expecting multiple arrests through this joint investigation," Turner said.

The bills are $20 and $100 and have Chinese writing on them.

If you have information regarding the case, Turner is urging you to call the Haskell County Sheriff's Department, (918) 967-2400, or Stigler Police Department, (918) 967-3378.