Letter to the editor

Staff Writer

Opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not reflect those of the Poteau Daily News

To The Editor:

I was certainly encouraged to see the article in last Saturday’s Poteau Daily News about

the change in LeFlore County politics. I am very proud to live in a red state where all 77

counties voted republican in the November Presidential election. I am proud to live in a

red county that voted republican. I know that there are some Democrats that say, “I have

been a Democrat, I am a Democrat and I will always be a democrat. That’s like saying, “I

am stupid, I have been stupid and I will always be stupid. “ I am pretty sure that the

majority of the democrats in LeFlore County are conservative. I was a democrat for many

years and recently found my old voters registration card - - the democratic party left me

in the 80’s and that is when I decided that they no longer represented me. Most of the

people in Oklahoma, and I am sure many in LeFlore county, do not believe in most of the

things in the Democratic Party’s platform. Their platform actually follows right along with

the Communist party’s platform. My philosophy is that if the democrats who don’t agree

with their party change to republican or independent, the party leaders might get it that

they are not right, and that could change politics. When you look at the Democratic

leaders in congress they appear to be dumb and dumber. At the top level meeting it took

three votes to get God in the platform. They support abortion and they support all the

liberal social programs and people. Political correctness is one thing that I hate. You

have to say everything just right or you are accused of being a deplorable, homophobic,

or racist. Democrats, on the national level, are also anti-Christian and have done more to

hurt Christianity than anyone or anything in the history of our country. The Democratic

Party is the party of the atheist and Godless.

The last eight years, under Obama, have been horrible for America. That is why the

democrats lost the presidential election. If they don’t understand that now- - they never

will. President Obama will go down as the worst president in American history. I recently

read a letter to the editor in the Poteau Daily News that said for the last 8 years we had a

president from an honorable family. Give me a break. He was from a very dysfunctional

family. His mentors were outrageously pro-communist and gave him a hatred of America

and all she stands for. Take one look at his former pastor. I encourage all democrats

(DINOs) to change their party affiliation to show the Democratic Party exactly where you

really stand and what you really believe. It is time for a big change in America and it

starts begins with you.

For what it is worth - - this is my opinion.

Sincerely, Jess L. Ryburn, Poteau