Attorney files to stop 610 Parker demolition

The home located at 610 Parker Ave., Poteau.
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

A temporary restraining order has been filed to halt the demolition of a Poteau home, according to the attorney hired by the homeowner's family, Steven Minks of Poteau.

"Today we filed a petition for money damages and seeking an injunction and temporary restraining order to prevent condemning the home," Minks said on Friday afternoon.

"For now, they can't bulldoze it," he said. Minks added the next step is getting a hearing set on a temporary injunction to stop them from bulldozing it completely.

The home located at 610 Parker Ave. and owned by Patsy West was scheduled for demolition next week. It is currently occupied by Jimmy Janway, who is disabled and lives rent-free while making improvements to the residence.

The family said they have made cleanups and improvements to the residence after orders from the city, but were recently told by Poteau Mayor Jeff Shockley it would be torn down. Shockley said the property is a danger to students at the neighboring Pansy Kidd Middle School.

If demolished, cost is $3,500. The fine covers tear down, cleanup and filling in the empty space with dirt. Shockley said it may raise the homeowner's property value to remove the house.

Shockley said the city mainly works off complaints from neighbors and citizens to investigate homes. Mark Collins is the inspector used when looking into properties needing a cleanup. Collins was unable to comment on the individual situation.

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