Bear caught in Heavener

The tranquilized bear. / Photo by Scott CooperThe bear wandering Heavener. / Photo by Kaycee Morrison
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

A bear was spotted in Heavener Tuesday [June 12] evening.

Heavener Police Officer Scott Cooper said Heavener Police Department, the game warden and Wildlife Department aided in the capture of the bear, which then was tranquilized by the game warden.

Kaycee Morrison said the bear was right behind her car and a neighbor's house at a mobile home park off Wilson Street. The bear then traveled along C and D streets around 8 p.m. before being caught after 9 p.m.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation suggests if you see a bear from a distance, stay calm and leave the area.

At close range, face the bear but do not approach. Do not turn and run, which may provoke the bear to chase you. Bears can climb trees. Try to retreat slowly but do not block the bear's escape route. You also can try scaring the bear away with loud noises, such as screaming.