Bokoshe gets new football, baseball coaches this year

TIGERS’ DEN MEN — Dannie Culwell, left, and Richard Reed are new coaches at Bokoshe High School. Culwell, who has spent the last several years coaching the McCurtain High School boys baseball and basketball teams, will be the new baseball coach as well as an assistant in football and basketball, while Reed is the new football coach. PDN photo by David Seeley
David Seeley
Sports Editor

Two individuals, two totally different motives for wanting to coach at Bokoshe High School. First, Richard Reed, who had been the principal at Keota Public Schools the last few years, had the drive to want to get back into coaching football — thus he has been hired as the new Bokoshe football coach succeeding C.J. Burk. Then, there’s veteran baseball coach Dannie Culwell, who has been at McCurtain for the last several years. When his alma mater came calling to become the new Bokoshe baseball coach, he couldn’t refuse them.