BOOKED: Nov. 25-28

Staff Writer

The following people were booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center overnight. The information was gathered from the jail's daily roster and only shows booking information. Only those with a case number listed have been charged. Stay tuned each morning to see who was arrested overnight.
CF — criminal felony
CM— criminal misdemeanor
FD — family docket such as child support
For more information about an arrestee, you can search by name or case number on or

Nov. 24-28, 2016

Nov. 24

Billy D. Smith, bringing contraband into a penal institution, possession of CDS, $6,500 bond

Nov. 25

Sheila Potter, CM-2015-88, public intoxication, $1,300 bond

Nov. 27

Constance Jo Arnold, Heavener Warrant, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possesion of drug paraphernalia, del CDS, $8,370 bond
John Haaser, Expired DL, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, dui-drugs, no bond
Scotty Joe Warren, CF-16-581, $1,000 bond

Nov. 28
Joshua Micah Lovett, CF-14-415, $10,000 bond
Jerry Vernon Nessmith, CM-14-442, CM-16-94, CM-16-400, $6,053.15 bond
Richary Ray Lyall, DUS, no bond
Tracey Allen Bohanan, CM-16-534, 47,000 bond
Thelma Louise Decker, CF-07-20, CM-06-446, CM-15-188, $5,129.88 bond
Fred Young, CF-09-133, CF-11-97, CM-08-326, CM-09-416, PO-11-54, PO-14-235, TR-13-3481,TR-13-3482,TR-13-3483, TR-14-3124, TR-14-3125, TR-14-3126, TR-14-3127, TR-14-3345, TR-14-3367, TR-14-3345, TR-14-3367, TR-14-3384, DUS, speeding, $11,634.60 bond
Brandi Dia Guerra, petit larceny, false info to officer, $352 bond