Boosters slate coon hunt

Stock photo by PIxabay
Dianna F. Dandridge-Rystrom
News Reporter

A non-kill coon hunt is not the typical way for most young people to spend the evening, but the Howe FFA/4-H Booster Club sees it as a great way for youngsters to get to spend time in the great outdoors, with a responsible adult, practicing an age-old art of using dogs to hunt for coons.

“Most of our participants use this as a tune-up for their dogs, before going to some of the big hunts,” Clint Woodral, organizer, said.

“The coons aren’t killed. We have a judge with each team. If the judge can see the coons it is counted and scored.”

Woodral said the hunt is used as a fundraiser for the Howe FFA and 4-H clubs.

“We normally have 10-15 hunters and five to six youths go out. We try to get as many youngsters as possible out, seeing as how it does benefit their clubs,” he said.

The booster club will hold a chili supper prior to the hunt from 5-7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 5, in the new Howe FFA Ag Building. A $5 contribution will buy a bowl of chili and all the fixings before the hunters and dogs take off.

“We get the kids involved. They get to spend time outside. Our adult hunters get to spend time with the kids and the dogs, so it is a win-win game all the way around,” Woodral said.

Entry fee for the hunt is $20. Winners will take home plaques, made by the Howe Ag-instructor James Marshal, collars and leashes and dog food.