CASC e-sports programs to be NJCAA sanctioned

Cody Banning
PDN Reporter

Athletes have to hone their skills constantly to stay sharp and ready for battle upon the gridiron, court or gaming chair. They have to mentally and physically prepare for every eventuality their sport may throw at them. Many don't consider that e-sports athletes have the same amount of restriction and requirement as traditional athletes, but Carl Albert State College's Director of Student Affairs Randy Graves said many people have it wrong.
Some people think that these e-sports athletes might just sit around playing video games and neglecting their studies. According to Graves, they are only allowed a certain amount of practice time per week and that is less than the 20 hours standard for the National Junior College Athletic Association. That time will increase, according to Graves, when CASC is officially sanctioned by the NJCAA โ€” hopefully as soon as Spring 2020.

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