Charges dropped against dispatcher accused of rape

News Reporter

Charges were dropped against a former LeFlore County dispatcher accused of raping a woman at a party in July.

Edgar Rosales has been rehired in his position as a dispatcher with LeFlore County. LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale said Rosales was a dispatcher for three years before the accusations, which resulted in his termination.

"The charges were declined due to some disparities in the [accuser's] statements from the initial investigations and from followup investigations, so [the District Attorney's Office] declined to prosecute," Seale said on Thursday.

Seale added that Rosales is "one of my better dispatchers." He said, "I'm not going to punish him. There's no criminal charges, there's no proof he committed an offense at this time."

The investigation originally was sent to the LeFlore County District Attorney's Office, who chose to forward it to Sequoyah County for an outsider's review of the case. "And they looked at it, and they declined to file it," Seale said.

Rosales is expected to return to his job next week, Seale said.