Colt Ford talks small towns, new album and playing at Choctaw Casino: Feb 18

Jenny Huggins
Staff Writer

Small towns and his fans are two things Colt Ford loves.
The country rapper-singer-sogwriter spoke with the Poteau Daily News about his upcoming performance in Durant and his album, "Love Hope Faith."
Asked why he chose that title, he said, “It's actually from a tattoo that I've had for a couple of years on my right forearm. I always wanted it. Those are three things that you never want to lose in life. I looked down and thought, 'Wow, maybe I should just call it that.' At the end of the day I pour all my love in the record, I hope people will like it and I have faith that they will.”

Ford has played all over Oklahoma. He loves playing in smaller towns, he said, “I just love that whole environment. I still live in a small town, that sense of community and stuff in small towns, that's what it's all about. I just love the feeling of it all. You know folks and folks know you. It's just the way I grew up. I think we need to make sure we keep that in America and don't lose that small town vibe that's out there.”
He is also loves his fans. “I love people. It's funny, I see some artists, and I think they love playing but they don't really seem to love the people. I'm sure they do love them, they just get nervous and awkward,” Ford said. “I love people, I will never not sign an autograph or take a picture it's always been about the fans and it always will be. I make stuff I love and I make it for the fans. I'm not trying to get a trophy or an award. There is nothing better than seeing peoplesing along to something you wrote and know that it means something to their life. It's a huge honor to me and I take it very seriously.”

Some people might not know that before he became Colt Ford, singer and songwriter, he was Colt Ford the professional golfer. “I realize that it's crazy and that my life has been very different. Most people don't see me and think professional golfer, they think male model,” Ford joked.
“I was an athlete back in the day, I played all the sports but I ended up playing golf for a living and then I got the chance to play music and it worked. My mom use to say that God doesn't give you anything he didn't intend for you to use. I've been doing music since I was little and I was good at that, too.”

When asked if he had a favorite song to play, he said “I don't really have a favorite. They are all different and they are my favorites for different reasons. They all have different feels.” He likes to play with different styles and feels of music. “I like to mix it up and do all sorts of different things. My music is county 1,000 percent but I deliver it in different ways in different songs”

All of his songs are inspired by real life “I either did it or I stood there watching someone else do it,” Ford said. “I don't mind fantasy songs but most of what Ido is very reality based, from a personal story or situation. That's the type of artist that I am.”
If you would like to see Colt Ford live, join him at the Choctaw Casino in Durant at 10:30 p.m. Saturday. The concert is free to attend.