Council may repair city pool

Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

The fate of the Poteau City Pool may be taking a turn for the positive after City Councilman Clay Bennett said the plumbing is in "satisfactory condition" at Monday's meeting of the Poteau City Council.

The pool closed in February last year due to maintence and running costs, an outdated pipe system and stiffer state Health Department guidelines. The council has said in the past it would cost around $1 million to fix the pool, but Bennett said he met with Fire Chief Jon Pickel, and they may be able to save it.

Bennett said the pool is leaking in several places but they may be able to get "a reasonable price" to sandblast and coat the pool. He said he should receive the estimate some time this week.

Earlier this year, Poteau Mayor Jeff Shockley had proposed to put in a splash pad in place of the pool, as well as add a disc golf course and improve the tennis and basketball courts at Twyman Park, where the pool is located. Shockley said those renovations and work would cost less than $250,000.