DALIY FEATURE: Strange facts

Kim McConnell
Staff Writer

Jon Brower Minnoch (1941–1983) was the heaviest man recorded in history. At his peak weight, he was approximately 1400 lb (635 kg, 100 stone).

Half of the communities of Uganda are under 15 years!

SriLanka has very low rate of Divorce and maximum amount of women Suicide in the world.

The makers of Adidas and The puma companies were bros!

“CRWTH” is the English word with no vowel.

In a year average peoples saw dreams between 1,460 and 2,190.

Cuba’s humming bird is 5.7cm lengthy, weight 14.2 g, lays eggs which are 0.6cm long and will battle birds 4 to 5 times larger than it self.

The nose of a dog is so sensitive that it can tell the difference between a tub of water and a tub of water with a teaspoon of sodium (Salt) in it.

Whale eyes are the size of a grape fruit.

Robots can carry surgery treatment while surgeon watches a video and guides the Robot from a computer.

Revolvers cannot be silenced because of all the noisy gasses which escape the cylinder gap at