Don't Spoil the Endgame

Cody Banning
PDN Reporter

With the highly anticipated follow-up to Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War only hours away, some fans are complaining of spoilers leaking online, on all social media outlets.

Early Tuesday afternoon, users on Instagram began seeing a video circulating, that supposedly shows the end of the long awaited film.

Other videos, photos, and text posts have reportedly popped up on 4Chan, Reddit, and other online boards for months, but only within hours of the Thursday night early release have the trolls came out to play, and began randomly dropping spoilers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other more widely used sites.

So, beware, True Believers. Don't click that suspicious link, and maybe take a couple days off the Reddit scrolling, or snap your Gauntlet on the internet, altogether. It might do every Mad Titan out there some good.

The Poteau Theater will be having two special, early showings of Avengers: Endgame Thursday night. One at 7 p.m. and one at 10:30 p.m. Get your tickets now, they're going fast! (As of this writing, only the 7 p.m. showing appeared online, go in to get your 10:30 tickets.)

Poteau Theatre is centrally located in the City, at 2214 N Broadway. For more info, check them out on Facebook by searching Poteau Theater, or call them at (918) 647-2900.