Flu claims 11 in state

The flu has claimed 11 lives in Oklahoma this season.
Ken Milam
News Editor

The flu has claimed 11 lives in Oklahoma this season, health officials said Thursday.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health said 247 people have been hospitalized in the state since the flu season officially began Sept. 1. Eight of the deaths were people age 65 or older.

No new hospitalizations have been reported in LeFlore County since the previous week. Two have been reported so far.

OSDH does not report the county a death occurred in except Tulsa and Oklahoma counties.

Most hospitalizations have been in eastern Oklahoma, including 26 in the southeastern region.

Ten flu deaths have been recorded in Arkansas. Sebastian County, where Fort Smith is located, has reported moderate activity.

In addition to getting a flu shot, public health officials recommend the following prevention tips:

• Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and getting a full night’s rest.

• Wash hands frequently using soap and water, or alcohol-based products such as hand gels when hands are not visibly soiled.

• Use tissues to cover coughs and sneezes, then dispose of them and wash your hands immediately. When tissues are not readily available, cough into your sleeve, not your hands.

• Stay home from work, school and other public places when feeling ill.