Healthy Tip: Read more for a longer life

Did you know that people who read an average of 3.5 hours per week can live up to two years longer than those who don’t?
If you don’t already love reading, that seems like a pretty good reason to start. The research published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine found that this advantage applied regardless of other factors such as gender and economic status.
Researchers are specific about the kind of reading — and they are not talking about the news feed of periodicals coming across your smartphone. Researchers explicitly indicated the importance of reading chapter books which provide two added benefits that cannot be realized during your morning news briefing.
First, reading books engages the mind in a slow immersive process, requiring more cognitive engagement to link events and characters to other parts of the book and the world around the reader. Second, reading promotes development of emotional intelligence and enhances cognitive development — a contributing factor to survival advantage.
If you don’t have a few good books handy, your local public library system likely has online books options to get you through the next few weeks.