Hodgen man arrested on child abuse, sodomy charges Sunday

David Seeley
PDN Editor

A Hodgen man was arrested on child abuse and sodomy charges Sunday night.
On Sunday, LeFlore County Sheriff's Department Deputy Tyler Newby was contacted by phone by dispatch to be advised there was a lady, Catherine Carlson, in Talihina wanting to speak with him about child abuse.
According to his report, Newby then made contact with the reporting party who advised him she had video footage of Bobby Carlson abusing his 2-year-old foster child. Then, Newby went to the house of the reporting party, located at 403 Roberts Street in Talihina.
According to Newby's report, Catherine Carlson said that on Saturday while her daughter J.C. was asleep, she was looking through J.C.'s phone and found a video of Bobby Carlson abusing his 2-year-old foster child. Catherine Carlson said that she believe that J.C. had propped the phone up and had it on record but was unsure. The video showed the incident occurred July 7.
According to the report, Indian Child Welfare Case Worker Casandra Dyson then explained to Bobby Carlson that the children were being pulled from the residence that very day (Sunday) and were being placed into another home. Once she took possession of the children, Newby placed Carlson under arrest for child abuse and sodomy. Newby then transported Carlson to the LeFlore County Detention Center for booking.