Howe police chief on suspension

John Doyle // mugshot provided by Fort Smith Police Department
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

A local chief of police has been placed on suspension following his arrest in Fort Smith, Ark., on accusations of shoplifting.

A spokesperson with Howe City Hall said Howe Mayor Phyllis Fields placed Howe Police Chief John Doyle on suspension without pay on Monday pending the outcome of his court proceedings.

Doyle was accused of misdemeanor shoplifting at a Fort Smith Walmart. The store's asset protection associate claimed Doyle was caught switching the prices on two camping chairs โ€” a $5.97 chair and $29.88 chair โ€” then paying for the more expensive chair with the lower price tag via the store's self checkout system.

He allegedly admitted to it and claimed he did it for "the adrenaline rush," the Fort Smith officer covering the case reported.

Doyle was booked into the Sebastian County jail on the charge then later released on a $1,000 bond.