Introducing Healthy Oklahoma

For the past few weeks, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has provided Fact or Fiction — COVID-19, a daily blog message to provide information and resources surrounding COVID-19. OSDH now has a new name and a broader focus on being healthy, during this time of COVID-19 and beyond.
To kick off "Healthy Oklahoma," OSDH is starting with the topic of nutrition and has a healthy tip for you regarding meal time.
One tip that can help you stay healthy is eating your meals around the same time every day. Establishing a schedule or routine while you’re staying at home is good for you.
Studies published in "Proceedings of the Nutrition Society" found that people who eat at random times throughout the day were more likely to have higher BMIs and blood pressure than those who scheduled and ate meals at the same time every day.
Bonus: Eating at the same time also helped to curb hunger and improve digestion. This research is part of an emerging field of study in chrononutrition, which seeks to explore three facets of eating behavior including timing, frequency and regularity.
Interested in learning more about the science and research? Check out this summary of available studies to understand the benefits researchers are studying about the importance of timing when you eat.