KCS slates crossing work Friday

Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

Update Wednesday — Kansas City Southern has informed the City of Poteau that numerous crossings will be closed on Thursday, Frida, and Saturday of this week. This schedule is subject to change should KCS be delayed or finish a project earlier than anticipated.

• March 8: the crossings on Coggins Road and Williams Lane will be closed.
• March 9: the crossings on Old HWY 112 (N Witte Street) and Dewey Avenue will be closed.
• March 10: the crossings on Grady Avenue, Byrd Avenue (Railroad Street), and Airport Road will be closed.

This Friday, March 9, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., the railroad crossing on north Witte (old Highway 112) will be closed as Kansas City Southern makes repairs. However, if you use old Highway 112 to travel in and out of Poteau, your route will not be closed off.

Coming into Poteau:
The detour the City of Poteau suggests if coming from the Gillmore or Cameron areas is to take a left on Industrial Boulevard located right before the railroad crossing. Once you turn on Industrial Boulevard you will go past the old Bremner cracker factory, Humane Society and finally run into Roanoke Boulevard where New Generation Supplements is located on the right. At this "T" you should turn right. Roanoke will turn into Shaw Boulevard and Shaw will take you all the way to Dewey Avenue where a left turn will take you to Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center and a right turn will take you to downtown Poteau.

Leaving Poteau:
If needing to use old Highway 112 to exit Poteau, the city suggests taking Broadway south until you come to the Dewey Avenue turn off. Take a left on Dewey and travel through downtown, past the railroad crossing and take a left on Shaw Boulevard. Travel on Shaw Boulevard until you come to Industrial Boulevard (where New Generation Supplements is located) and take a left. Travel past the Humane Society, old Bremner cracker factory and finally Industrial will run into old Highway 112 where you will be able to turn right and travel north towards the Gilmore and Cameron areas.