LeFlore County Court House to reopen May 18

The LeFlore County Court House will reopen May 18 after it was approved to do so at Thursday morning's Budget Board of LeFlore County meeting, which took place at the court house. PDN photo by David Seeley
David Seeley
PDN Editor

The LeFlore County Court House will reopen May 18, but not quite as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic closed the court house March 27.
During Thursday morning's Budget Board of LeFlore County meeting at the court house, LeFlore County Court Clerk Melba Hall handed out a three-page joint order from the Oklahoma State Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals that all cases that were suspended from March 16 to May 15, May 16 will be counted as the first day in determining the remaining time to act.
Also beginning May 16, all rules and procedures as well as all deadlines shall be enforced, including all appellate rules and procedures for the Oklahoma Supreme Court, the Oklahoma Court of Appeals and the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.
For all cases where the time for completing the action did not commence until a date between March 16 and May 15, the full amount of time to complete the action will be available. May 16 will be the first day counted in determining the time to act.
In cases involving any deadlines for perfecting an appeal or other appellate proceedings, requests for relief should be directed to the court involved and should be generously granted.
However, there are still some social distancing guidelines that will stay in place. Judges are encouraged to continue using remote participation to the extent of using things like teleconferencing and Skype, and no more than 10 persons including the judge and court personnel shall be in a court room or other area at one time. That number will be allowed to increase to 50 once the Oklahoma State Department of Health gives the OK.
Court clerks and judges may continue to use mail, e-mail and drop-off boxes for acceptance of written materials and correspondence with parties and counsel.
People who are ill for any reason are strongly urged to refrain from entering the court house.