LeFlore County dispatcher terminated after rape allegation

Edgar Rosales // PDN photo
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

UPDATE — Nov. 29: The District Attorney's Office of Sequoyah County declined to press charges against Edgar Rosales. He was then rehired as a dispatcher.

A former LeFlore County 911 dispatcher has been accused of second-degree rape.

LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale said Edgar Rosales, who was a dispatcher for three years, has been terminated from his position.

"He will be treated like everyone else. Whether they are a first responder or the member of a department under my control, they will be investigated, and if evidence is found, charged," Seale said.

Seale said it is an ongoing investigation.

A report obtained from the Sheriff's Office shows a woman alleged Rosales raped her at a party on Friday. The woman reported she was intoxicated and passed out in the bedroom. She said she awoke to Rosales assaulting her.

In Rosales' interview with police, he said he also was heavily intoxicated that night. The report showed he could not remember several things, but said he had sex with her. He claimed they had flirted in the past with each other but did not talk much during that night. He said he "was drunk and did not know what he was thinking when he went into the room," the report said.

Rosales' wife reported that she went into the bedroom and saw Rosales on top of the woman. The wife said Rosales told her he thought it was her — his wife — in the room, not the intoxicated woman, and that was why he was in there.

The report said the woman was intoxicated past the point of giving consent.

Rosales was booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center, then released Monday afternoon on a $55,000 bond.