Local fire departments need volunteers

Firefighters respond to a fire this year in Howe. /photo by Amanda Corbin
Jenny Huggins
News Reporter

The firefighting system in LeFlore County is 100 percent made up of dedicated volunteers who work other jobs as well as keeping the county safe.

“There are departments in the county that have only a handful of volunteers or less. All departments are needing volunteer firefighters,” LeFlore County Fire Association President Keith Gammel said.

Along with volunteers to help fight fires, support personnel are also needed. Support personnel would help with things such as fundraisers, paperwork, training, maintenance, etc.

“Most volunteer firefighters not only have to be firefighters, but they also have to take care of maintenance issues, cleaning of equipment, testing equipment, fundraisers, etc.,” Gammel said.

“We know there are individuals out there that may not want to be a firefighter, but have the skills necessary for other jobs at the station.”

To volunteer, stop by your city hall and pick up an application for the fire department closest to you.

Gammel said if your community or area does not have a city hall or if you don’t know how to contact your local fire department or chief, you can text or email leflorecountyfire@gmail.com, message LeFlore County Firefighters Association on Facebook or contact any area fire department and they will get you in touch with your local department.