OESC launches new website geared to enhance user experience

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) has recently launched a new website, found at www.oesc.ok.gov, designed to enhance user information and experience.
“We know how people interact with technology is a big factor in people’s overall experience with an organization, so we want to ensure people who visit our site find the information and help they need while having a good user experience,” said Shelley Zumwalt, OESC Interim Executive Director. “We’re excited to launch our new online presence to better serve Oklahomans with more functionality and better engagement.”
With a focus on efficiency with a modern look and feel, job seekers, employers and claimants can access resources, labor market information and programs available to them. A new Message Center is up front with timely updates on closures, fraud and other related topics specific to each landing page. In addition, the site offers agency information, news and announcements, upcoming events and job fairs.
The new site will replace the www.ok.gov/oesc website. The www.ui.ok.gov site remains, where people go to file for unemployment benefits. The new site will link back to the www.ui.ok.gov site where claimants can file their claim, check the status of their claim and get answers to frequently asked questions regarding unemployment, as well as use the virtual agent.
“Our focus has been trying to get helpful information in the hands of those that need it,” Zumwalt said. “It’s been an unprecedented time and we’re working constantly to keep up with demand. I think this new website will greatly help those new to the process find answers quickly or find location information for our regional job centers around the state.”
Oklahomans will be able to access the new www.oesc.ok.gov site starting today.