Oklahoma ranked lowest gas prices in region

Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

Oklahoma gas prices rank lowest in the region — at least 3 cents lower than the closest area competitors, Arkansas and Missouri.

“As you’re heading out for that great American road trip, it’s good to know what gas prices are doing in the states you’ll be traveling in and through,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma.

“According to GasPrices.AAA.com, Oklahoma’s statewide average for self-serve regular is 11 cents below Texas’ average of $2.20 and 18 cents below the Dallas average.”

Here is a sample of LeFlore County gas prices for Sunday and Monday, as provided by GasBuddy:

E-Z Mart (Howe): $1.93.
Murphy USA (Poteau): $1.93.
Grand Slam (Pocola): $1.89.
Shaq Mart (Spiro): $1.97.
Casey's General Store (Poteau): $1.94.

South Carolina ranked cheapest for regular self-serve gasoline with a $2.03 average on Monday. Oklahoma followed with its $2.09 average, as well as Alabama ($2.09) and Mississippi ($2.09). Following in line were Tennessee ($2.11), Arkansas ($2.12), Missouri ($2.12), Virginia ($2.15), Louisiana ($2.16) and Kansas ($2.19).

Oklahoma ranked among the top ten gasoline markets with the biggest changes during the last week, AAA said. Markets showing the largest increases or decreases: Indiana (plus 7 cents), Michigan (plus 7 cents), Florida (plus 6 cents), Ohio (plus 6 cents), Utah (plus 4 cents), Illinois (minus 4 cents), Delaware (minus 3 cents), Missouri (minus 3 cents), Oklahoma (minus 3 cents) and Maryland (minus 3 cents).

"The first week of the summer driving season is now under our belts, and we saw little change in gas prices nationally,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com.

"Prices have seen little change and as we continue to progress into the summer, we're seeing gas prices now roughly the same as a year ago in many places. Oil markets failed to be convinced last week by OPEC's production cuts as U.S. oil production rises to its highest level since summer 2015. This has kept the price of oil constrained and keeps the door propped open for gasoline prices to remain at historically low levels as millions of Americans take to the road."