Shutdown to have little effect locally

Dianna F. Dandridge-Rystrom
News Reporter

The federal government has shut down non-essential functions until such time that the warring parties can find some common ground to work out their differences.

While the Washington lawmakers wheel and deal, many people are left wondering how this shutdown affects them.

The biggest question is, “Will I get my Social Security check on time?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Though the local Social Security Office closed until Wednesday, it closed only for the Christmas holiday and reopened for regular hours, according to the Social Security Administration’s website.

Medicare and Medicaid services will not be interrupted, but new applicants might experience a delay in approval of their cases.

The government shutdown, which began Saturday surrounding the funding for a border wall, will either close all non-essential governmental entities or force employees to work without pay until a solution can be reached.

The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, the people whose jobs it is to keep air travelers safe, will remain on the job, as will Amtrak trains.

Military operations, along with border security, will continue as the defense budget has been approved.

The U.S. Post Office is an independent entity and will remain open during the shutdown.

Families planning on visiting National Parks during the holidays, or while the shutdown is in effect, should contact the park prior to traveling, as some will be open with reduced staffing while others will be closed.

The Small Business Administration will be inactive during this time due to lack of personnel to process paperwork.

The Department of Agriculture and agencies that operate under its umbrella will also remain closed.

Loans on new homes or housing developments guaranteed by federal housing agencies will be delayed.