Two county residents arrested on maiming, much more (UPDATE)

David Seeley
PDN Editor

Two LeFlore County gentlemen were arrested last week for multiple charges including medical battery, maiming, aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in great bodily harm, conspiracy, desecration of human member, outraging public decency with gross injury and possession of a controlled dangerous substance/paraphernalia.
"We know the charges are approved, but it will be (Wednesday) before they'll be typed up and filed," new LeFlore County Sheriff Rodney Derryberry said.
Thomas Gates and Bobby Allen were arrested by McAlester Police Department officers last Thursday.
"On Oct. 14, our dispatch received a call about a victim that was over at the McAlester hospital," Derryberry said. "They said that he had some kind of 'medical procedure' done — it would be in the male private area — possibly by individuals who didn't have a medical license. I can't say it was cult activity, but it is borderline some kind of activity."
Derryberry said this is something he's never been a part of in his law enforcement career.
"It is something that I've never crossed in this part of the country, and I've been doing this for 30 years," said Derryberry, who took office Sept. 30. "Every day is a learning experience. You never know what to expect."
Derryberry did say the victim is doing all right at the moment.
"He's doing OK now," he said. "Evidently, they had to perform some type of surgery, but he's in stable condition. He is under (age) 50."
Both gentlemen currently are being held at the LeFlore County Detention Center, each on $295,000 bond with a court date scheduled for Friday. However, the process is far from over.
"Right now, we're in the process of going through the evidence we have," Derryberry said. "We have a lot of electronic data and a lot of information. We have to go through all the digital stuff that was stored on hard drives and laptops (computers). There were multiple storage devices. We've called for support from other agencies — the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation), the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). We're going to try to get some of the initial evidence to them so they can process it. It's going to be a drawn-out process. We're going to have to go through numerous different agencies at the state and federal levels to get everything we need to get processed and handled."