Uninsured drivers to face crackdown

Uninsured drivers in Oklahoma will soon face stricter enforcement.
Karalee Eaves
News Reporter

Uninsured drivers in Oklahoma will soon face stricter enforcement, state officials say.

A new system promises to provide a more accurate and up-to-date database of insured drivers.

In the last month alone, LeFlore County saw 18 people ticketed for failure to comply with the insurance law or failure to carry their verification form, according to district court records. Violators face a $250 fine.

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak recently announced the latest step toward improving the Auto Insurance Verification System. The state Office of Management and Enterprise Service has been awarded a contract for the new Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System.

The new system, hosted by MV Solutions Inc., will be overseen by the Insurance Department. The current system has been managed by the Department of Public Safety. Senate Bill 115, passed in 2017, transferred authority of the system from DPS to OID.

Senate Bill 115 was passed by large majorities in both the House and Senate and signed into law by the governor in 2017. However it did not take effect until November and no contracts had been issued until June 4.

According to DPS, around 600,000, or 26 percent, of Oklahomans are driving uninsured. The OCIVS was created by DPS to help law enforcement officers, tag agents and court clerks quickly verify if a driver has auto insurance.

The new law authorizes the insurance commissioner to initiate an administrative proceeding against an insurance company that is not providing vehicle insurance policy information to the online verification system.

It also allows for license plate numbers to be used for verification. It also allows a motor license agent or other registering agency to accept security verification from a licensed insurance producer or customer service representative if the online verification system is not online or the information is otherwise unavailable.