VIDEO: Poteau City Councilman allegedly takes petition opposing Wolf Ridge agreement

Video footage taken Aug, 31 from Tote-a-Poke appears to show Poteau City Councilman Winford Webb taking one set of petitions which were against the city deal with Wolf Ridge Country Club to provide discounted youth golf in exchange for a monthly payment of $2,500 from the city.

Jennifer Griffin and others opposed to the deal between the Wolf Ridge Country Club and the City of Poteau began circulating petitions in August and they were left at four Poteau convenient stores. Griffin said petitions with signatures have gone missing five times — four times from Tote-A-Poke stores and once from KP's. Griffin said, "It upsets me that someone would be so careless with someone's personal information."

Webb Thursday afternoon his lawyer, Douglas Sanders, would be making a statement shortly. The council voted Tuesday to suspend payments for the program for the winter.

Here is an additional link to the video.

"Any removal of the Petition concerning the City of Poteau and the Wolf Ridge Golf Course by Mr. Webb from the Tote-A-Poke Convenience Store in Poteau, OK, is a purely accidental, unintentional occurrence. Mr. Webb has not seen the alleged video tape and has no personal knowledge or recollection of him leaving the Tote-A-Poke with the Petition.
For many, many years Mr. Webb has picked up the complimentary Shoppers Guide, Real Estate magazines and purchased other periodicals and placed them on the coffee table in his Barber Shop for his customers to read while waiting to get their hair cut. The only thing that Mr. Webb can come up with is that he accidentally and without any intention what so ever, got the Petition caught up in the other periodicals he laid on the counter where the Petition was also located when he was paying at check out.
Mr. Webb never saw and never knew he had the Petition mixed in with the periodicals. The periodicals were put on the coffee table and then trashed at expiration. Mr. Webb never saw and never knew he had the Petition.
Mr. Webb is a highly ethical, well thought of and respected member of this community and a dedicated public servant to the Poteau citizenry who would never even think of engaging in the chicanery being asserted against him. It would stand to reason that IF Mr. Webb were truly trying to affect the Petitions that he would have removed the other numerous Petitions from the other Convenience Stores in Poteau, which of course did not happen.
Mr. Webb's only position on the Wolf Ridge Golf Course issue and all other City Council issues has always been "whatever is best for the citizens of Poteau" and he has never allowed city business to become personal. Finally, it should be noted that the Petitions were arguably successful in that the Poteau City Council rescinded the Wold Ridge Golf Course agreement at the City Council Meeting earlier this week."