Weekend storms do damage in northern part of LeFlore County

Hudson Corner Road, which runs from Oklahoma State Highway 31 just east of Bokloshe to the Sallisaw Y, was flooded due to Friday storms. A lot of northern LeFlore County was damaged due to storms which hit on both Friday and Saturday afternoon and night. Photo by Kim Wheeler/LeFlore County Emergency Management
David Seeley
PDN Editor

Back-to-back stormy days and nights on Friday and Saturday left their mark on the northern half of LeFlore County.
LeFlore County Emergency Management Director Kim Wheeler said neither day/night of storms produced injuries or fatalities, just a lot of damage.
After Friday night's rains, Wheeler said Hudson Corner Road between Bokoshe and the Sallisaw Y was flooded and later a bridge near the Sallisaw Y on the road was washed out.
Wheeler also said that numerous trees were blown over or snapped in two, and a large OG&E metal electric tower on Highway 9A was blown over, but "was blown over luckily in the field and not affecting the road" Wheeler said.
Wheeler said there were several houses in Shady Point flooded, and she said there was a house at the corner of U.S. 59 and Cowlington Road that flooded with some trucks parked in its yard. Numerous roads were flooded and impassable.
Wheeler said Short Mountain Cemetery had several trees blown down, uprooted or snapped in two as well as some grave markers suffering debris blown on them — which Wheeler said several individuals were planing on going there today (Sunday) or when the weather improved to do clean-up efforts.
The Cowlington-Tucker area in far northwest LeFlore County seemed to be the hardest hit. Besides the corner house at U.S. 59 and Cowlington Road getting flooded, Panama Police Chief John Whitaker said there was a house in or near Cowlington that had its roof blown off.
Cowlington resident Cordell Hull told KSFM television reporter Nick Camper that high winds blew part of his property all over his yard. Hull had two barns, with one of them completely destroyed and the other one losing more than half of its frame.
"I don't know if it was a tornado or not," Hull told Camper. "There were sure heavy winds. We had sheet metal all over the pasture. (Picking up the debris) is something that a 70-year-old didn't need."