Woman seeking family of Poteau quilt maker

The quilt label.
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

An Osceola, Missouri, woman is seeking help to find the family of a Poteau woman who stitched a quilt she bought.

"I purchased this quilt a while back thinking I would find the lady that pieced it," Becky Moore told the newspaper. She included a photograph of the label she found on the backside of the quilt. "I would like to get it to a family member of Ms. Earleen Draper but I have no idea how to find them."

The back of the quilt on its label states:

Pattern: Log house, Green Border, Multi-colored houses.
Owner: L. Jean Fenton, Hallsville, MO.
Purchased: Oct. 1996 in Alpena, AR.
Hand-pierced & Quilted by: Pearl Pugh, Poteau, OK (Age 89). Earleen Draper's mother: Pearl was diabetic & going blind while doing this quilt. 1981.
Size: 93"x75".

If you have any information to help Moore, email Poteau Daily News at editor@poteaudailynews.com; call (918) 647-3188; or message us on our Facebook page.